Course / Cloud Security with Azure


Cloud Security with Azure

Course / Cloud Security with Azure

Cloud Security with Azure

50 Hours



English & Hindi

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Overview of course

The course provides foundational knowledge about cloud concepts and Microsoft Azure services. It covers various aspects, including cloud architecture, management, governance, and computing, aimed at technology professionals aspiring to demonstrate expertise in these areas.

Who is the course for?

Candidates with backgrounds in areas like infrastructure management, database management, or software development

Individuals seeking to establish a foundational understanding of cloud 

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Understanding Cloud Services


Categories of Cloud Services


Types of Cloud Computing


Core Architectural Components of Azure


Azure Compute and Networking Services


Azure Storage Services


Azure Identity, Access, and Security


Azure Management and Governance


Monitoring Tools in Azure


What skills will you learn?

  • Cloud Concepts

  • Azure Architecture

  • Azure Services

  • Azure Security & Management

  • Monitoring Tools


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any certification provided at the end of this course?

Yes, this course does provide certification.

The course offers practical demonstrations, hands-on modules, and inferences from real-life scenarios for effective skill development.

What makes this course different for individuals from different IT backgrounds?

The course is tailored to accommodate various IT backgrounds, offering foundational knowledge covering cloud architecture, management, governance, computing, and specialized Azure services.

What career roles can I explore after completing this course?

Completing the course can lead to various career roles such as Cloud Administrator, Developer, Architect, Security Specialist, Solutions Consultant, and Engineer.