Course / AZ- 500

AZ- 500

Course / AZ- 500

AZ- 500

40 Hours



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Overview of course

Azure Security Engineering course is designed for security professionals aiming to implement, manage, and monitor security for resources in Azure and hybrid environments. The course covers four key domains: identity and access management, secure networking, protection for compute, storage, and databases, and security operations management.

Who is the course for?

  • Security Engineers
  • Azure Administrators
  • Security Analysts
  • Cloud Security Professionals

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Identity and Access Management


Secure Networking


Protection for Compute, Storage, and Databases


Security Operations Management


Secure your cloud applications in Azure


Implement management security in Azure


Implement network security in Azure


Implement machine host security in Azure


What skills will you learn?

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Secure Networking

  • Protection for Compute, Storage, and Databases

  • Security Operations Management


Frequently Asked Questions

What Career Opportunities Are Available After Completing This Course?

Students can go for roles such as Azure Security Engineer, Cloud Security Architect, Security Operations Manager, Security Analyst, or Information Security Consultant.

Are There Any Prerequisites or Required Knowledge Before Enrolling?

Familiarity with Azure administration and hybrid environments is beneficial. Practical experience in Microsoft Azure and an understanding of computing, network, and storage is recommended.

How Hands-On Is the Training?

The course includes hands-on lab exercises and practical examples to provide real-world experience in securing Azure resources.

Can I take AZ- 500 exam after completing this course?

Yes, anyone can take AZ- 500 exam after completing this course.