Course / AZ – 400

AZ - 400

Course / AZ – 400

AZ - 400

20 Hours



English & Hindi

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Overview of course

The AZ-400 course provides training on Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions, covering topics such as continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, infrastructure as code, monitoring, security, and compliance. It prepares professionals for the AZ-400 certification exam and is essential for Azure application development and deployment.

Who is the course for?

Microsoft Azure solution developers and administrators.

Software developers and engineers

IT specialists who develop and manage Azure infrastructure and apps.

DevOps engineers who want to learn more about Azure DevOps Solutions.

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Process and Communication Configuration


Design and Implementation of Source Control


Automating Build and Release Pipelines


Networking (220- 1101)


Planning for Security and Compliance


Implementing an Instrumentation Strategy


What skills will you learn?

  • Process Configuration

  • Source Control Management

  • Automated Build and Release Pipelines

  • Security and Compliance Planning

  • Instrumentation Strategy

  • Logging and Monitoring Integration

  • Alerting Strategy Development

  • Failure Prediction Strategy

  • Implementing Health Checks


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course certification-oriented?

Yes, this course is structured to prepare students for the AZ-400 certification exam, ensuring coverage of the topics required for successful certification.

Are there hands-on labs or practical sessions included in the course?

Yes, the course typically includes practical sessions and labs to give students a hands-on experience with the tools, processes, and techniques covered in the curriculum.

Is this course relevant for individuals with no previous Azure experience?

While having some prior experience in Azure can be beneficial, the course is designed to accommodate beginners by covering fundamental and advanced concepts in Azure DevOps Solutions.

What career paths could I pursue after completing the AZ-400 certification?

Common career prospects include DevOps Engineer, Azure Solutions Architect, Build and Release Engineer, Development Lead or Manager, DevOps Consultant, and Cloud Engineer.