Course / AWS SysOps Ass.

AWS SysOps Ass.

Course / AWS SysOps Ass.

AWS SysOps Ass.

50 hours



English & Hindi

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Overview of course

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (SOA-C02) course focuses on supporting and maintaining workloads as per the AWS Well-Architected Framework, implementing security controls, troubleshooting, and applying networking and architectural requirements.

Who is the course for?

Individuals with at least 1 year of experience in deployment, management, networking, and security on AWS.

System administrators in operations roles with general IT knowledge.

Individuals with experience in monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting.

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Monitoring and Logging Services Implementation


Scalability and Elasticity


High Availability and Resilience


Backup, Restore, and Provisioning


Process Automation


Security and Compliance Management


Networking and Connectivity Features


Domain Configuration and DNS Services


Cost and Performance Optimization


What skills will you learn?

  • AWS Operations
  • Well-Architected Framework Application
  • Console and CLI 
  • Compliance-Focused Security
  • Effective System Monitoring
  • Networking Expertise
  • Architectural Agility
  • Incident Handling


Frequently Asked Questions

What topics/modules are covered in the curriculum?

The curriculum includes Monitoring and Logging Services Implementation, Scalability and Elasticity, High Availability and Resilience, Backup, Restore, and Provisioning, Process Automation, Security and Compliance Management, Networking and Connectivity Features, Domain Configuration and DNS Services, and Cost and Performance Optimization.

Can I take the SOA-C02 exam after this course?

Yes, you can take the SOA-C02 exam after this course.

Is the course suitable for individuals with general IT knowledge?

Yes, the course accommodates individuals with general IT knowledge and experience in monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting

Are there hands-on practical components in the course?

Yes, the course incorporates practical hands-on exercises aligned with real-world scenarios.